Bo M. White

I am an educator, leadership coach, and writer. I help servant leaders pay attention, color outside the lines, and connect the dots so that they can navigate bad days and notice things that other leaders may miss. Solving problems often means observing things differently, but also it means making connections that can lead to breakthroughs. This is an ongoing conversation involving ideas and grace over coffee.

Bo M. White (that’s me) grew up in a small town in Illinois, attended Central College to major in English and Communication/Theatre before earning graduate degrees in theology (MDIV) and educational policy (M.Ed.) respectively. After working in churches for ten years, he has spent nearly ten years in the world of international non-profits and NGO’s. Travels have included England and Scotland (of course) as well as China, Russia, East Africa, Peru, Belize, and most of Western Europe (thanks to trains, planes, and boats).

Married with two children, Bo has lived near Chicago, St. Louis, Phoenix, and Kansas City, but a little street in Central London remains a significant place because it’s where he explored the power of story with great intensity, studying at the University of London within walking distance of the former residences of Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf, and T.S. Eliot. It’s where he first explored in any serious way the idea of grace attending an RML group at St. Helen’s Church at Bishopsgate. And it’s where culture was explored through a law internship that took him inside London prisons, a University class that took him inside many of London’s incredible theatres, and a chance to see himself and his life outside America for the first time.

Bo continues to be a fellow pilgrim making progress and looks forward to talking with you over coffee soon.