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May 15, 2013
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May 24, 2013


In the previous two posts (click back to check them out), I referenced John Maxwell’s 5 levels of leadership and Patrick Lencioni’s 5 dysfunctions of a team. In this post, let me add a few more notes to build upon them.

Bill Hybels has said that he looks for leaders of character, competence, and chemistry. In other words, he must not only find people who have the right tools, but one that fits the culture. This goes beyond the job title.

A helpful part of motivating a group of people to do good work beyond their job title, though, is not only to get people to do the right thing, but do get people to STOP doing the wrong things. I am currently working on a rule of 5 for my own life and this idea came from John Maxwell and let me quote from his company’s blog:

“The Rule of 5: it is different for each person and organization. The Rule of 5 is a series of things that you seek to practice EVERY day.”

What 5 things should you do EVERY DAY that will help you to grow?

On this blog, I have narrowed my own focus a bit to discuss Ideas/Grace/Leadership and I have refocused this for two reasons:

1. I looked back at my posts over the past year and they all fit in to these three categories…the transformative power of ideas, grace, and leadership.

2. Tied to my own personal mission are these two key thoughts: without leadership, people go nowhere; without grace, people have nothing. Jesus is the greatest leader who ever lived and his primary idea was that of grace.

Now, let’s connect the dots. Teams are built by leaders who cannot create healthy groups until he or she is at least a level 2 or 3 leader (see Maxwell) because the best teams are built on trust (see Lencioni). Trust involves chemistry (see Hybels) and this is critical to a healthy culture that will be a breeding ground for training leaders. And this last point is driven home by Jim Collins in the video interview below. A healthy culture must not only answer the ‘who’ before the ‘what,’ but a truly healthy one stops doing certain things which are sucking time away from what’s important (ie: the organization’s rule of 5 or even the leader’s rule of 5).

So, what is sucking time away from your own Rule of 5 today? And are you willing to do something about it?


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