Don’t Should on Yourself

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August 29, 2012
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September 8, 2012

I should have just walked away from that mess. And if I am honest, I should have never eaten that second cookie. And I should have done better on that test and I should have saved money instead of spending most of it.

I should go to church more. I should go to church less. I should care more about the poor and I should save more money for my children to go to college. I should read my Bible more and I should really take care of my health better than I do.

I should refrain from criticizing others and I should not have said that word to that person at that time. I should have been a better listener and I should have taken out the trash last night.

I should really get my car fixed and I should really call that one friend, the one I have known for so long. I should not have overstepped my boundaries and I should really go on vacation with my family at least once a year. I should have just stopped to help that person and I should not have been so mean to that person in school.

I should read more books and I should watch less television and I really should know more about politics than I do, but those politicians should also tell the truth more than they do. I should really eat better and exercise more regularly and I should not stay up so late at night, since early risers tend to be more productive.

I should be more organized and I should have never promised that one thing to her and I should have stopped by when I had the chance to see him.

I should trust in the power of grace more and I should quit using the word ‘should’ because if I have truly been set free, then I should not should all over myself.

photo credit: VinothChandar via photo pin cc

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