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March 19, 2013
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April 1, 2013


This week friends from Food for the Hungry hosted a one day event in Phoenix. While I was not able to attend, I learned that one of the speakers was a man I have learned from and have had the privilege of spending time with, namely Os Guinness. Part of my own story is that I have spent time at L’abri Fellowship  in the United Kingdom and attended a theological school who hosted the Francis Schaeffer Institute and so on my own journey I have intersected often with men and women who have also been impacted by the work of L’abri. Among them are Vishal Mangalwadi, David Calhoun, Jerram Barrs, Darrow Miller, and Os Guinness. You should read their work. Perhaps, in a later post I will recommend some books further.

The word ‘L’abri’ literally means shelter and for me, I have returned to many of my notes, books, mentors, and teachers often not only because I love them or because I respect them, but in a world where I am consistently seeking grace and truth, so many of these men and women have become a sort of shelter for me. Where do you go in your search for answers?



On the above video link, Os Guinness shares part of his own story in his own search for meaning and he speaks of reading widely and seeking truth.  Wherever you are, examining your own life every so often is simply not a waste of time if it’s taken seriously. And don’t settle for the shallow, go deep, because there really are answers to life’s biggest questions and even if it takes a few years, as part of our being human, it’s a worthy journey.


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