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If I Were to Sit with You Today
May 3, 2017
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January 14, 2019

While it’s the culmination of some notes, observations, and reflections over the past few years, it’s a project I think will resonate with many who are wondering if grace can hold the weight of this messy life. I wrote a book entitled A Time to Question Everything and I wanted to address not only some questions I’ve been reflecting on along the way, but I wanted to also invite you to ask your questions as well.

I do think that good news and bad days are not incompatible. And I do think that good news and bad days can both be embraced. Unique to the worldview of the Christian is grace and I dare say it’s more than something that feels good or that is theologically rich. Grace and sacrificial love combine to be what we all need. And that’s what I explore a bit, though in a personal way.

Here’s an excerpt:

“I invite you to walk with me, but from here, the path we’re on must be taken personally and cannot be watched from a distance. This is a
path that doesn’t go farther until it is taken deeper and more seriously for such is the path that stands the test of time…. then we should wrestle with our own deep questions. There is no other way. Blaming other people will not get you the answers you want. Avoiding all the bad people will not move you toward a deeper understanding of love and grace. You will not find peace without exploring the desires of your heart.”

It’s available on the publisher’s site and currently on Amazon on Kindle. I’ll post a few more updates soon. In the meantime, thanks for taking a look.


A Time to Question Everything: Embracing Good News and Bad Days by [White, Bo M.]


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