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April 1, 2013
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April 22, 2013


In the past two months, I have heard several speakers at either seminars, conferences, weekly worship, and in simple conversation share ideas and I am reminded again and again that what we think really matters. Ideas really do have consequences and how we view the world truly shapes what we do.

In this vein, I am compiling a list of the compelling thoughts from the past several weeks and in this space, I thought I’d share several of them.


“Infrastructure helped build this city,” Dan Hesse, CEO of Sprint speaking about innovation in Kansas City. He went on to make this comment: “mobile traffic will soon exceed the human population.”

Jamie Wong, CEO of Vayable, hit me with these two compelling thoughts: “Find your Virgil: Dante’s guide through the Divine Comedy…in other words, mentors are vital,” and “if you’re a grown up, then it’s sometimes ok to talk to strangers.”

Dan Martell stated this: “motivation trumps knowledge” and as much as I want to refute this, he’s got a point. Unmotivated people will never utilize a good education and motivated people will self-educate.

Don Carson made this reminder: “God is no one’s debtor,” following up with this: “gospel ministry is characterized by death to self.” Does self-denial ever come up during your day?

John Piper posed this question: “Are you emotionally where the Bible is at?” In other words, does my emotional life reflect the emotions expressed in Scripture?

“We will do three things with money: 1) let it flow in to gospel work, 2) spend it selfishly, 3) hoard it fearfully.” This challenge from Michael Oh, recently appointed Director of the Lausanne movement, sticks with me. He followed this up with the idea that “money like blood should flow and what happens when blood doesn’t flow out of our hearts? We die.” Michael’s thoughts on stewardship are powerful.

Finally, Don Carson gave some thoughts on the idea of ‘tolerance’ and said this: “older view of tolerance is that truth can be known so free inquiry and the search for truth will reveal right from wrong…the new tolerance says that there is no such thing as truth and all can be right and any other view is less than virtuous, so the new tolerance rejects dogmatism and absolute truth in a dogmatic and absolute way.”

And all of this can generate enough discussion to drain whole pots of coffee, so perhaps we can get together and chat sometime. Pick any one of these ideas and together we’ll find out that they do matter.

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