Os Guinness on Freedom

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September 8, 2015
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October 4, 2015

I consider Os Guinness a mentor and have counted it a privilege to have shared meals and have genuinely engaged in conversation. He has always been gracious and I continue to learn from him in his writings and in his talks. In fact, I typically feel well read, but then Dr. Guinness always points me to yet another thought or another writer I managed to have missed.

In his book, A Free People’s Suicide he critiques cultural versions of freedom and warns of trading in things we don’t need for those we can’t do without. One of my favorite quotes is as follows:

““The story is told of Socrates walking through the market in Athens, with its groaning abundance of options, and saying to himself, “Who would have thought that there could be so many things that I can do without?”

I hope for a more literate world and one that takes seriously different forms of literacy. Religious literacy, technological literacy, cultural literacy, and frankly, literacy….yes, let’s read more. I have much to learn, but I wonder what my children will think of words like ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’ in a world that often lives in fear and online.

And if anyone is interested in discussing further, I am happy to buy the first round of Guinness and discuss.


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