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July 10, 2013
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July 30, 2013

Life just gets in the way.

Have you ever heard that? What on earth does that mean? I think it means setting priorities is simply difficult at times because we, by nature, struggle with choices. Since Genesis 3, choices have been a big deal. Just don’t eat from the one tree and everything will be fine, but no….that was too difficult. Just lose weight over Christmas break….sure, that’s no big deal….have you ever seen what people fix at the holidays? Just spend more time at home and spend less time at work….sure, that’s often called unemployment.

In investigating this, I stumbled upon a rule of 5 from John Maxwell that has been pretty helpful. The idea is this: pick 5 things that are related to your calling and your dreams and do these things every day. They are often in your strength area and they often are related to your passions and convictions, but the point is this: do them regularly and eventually, you’ll create habits that reflect priorities.

My list (and this is likely a work in progress) is as follows:

1. Renew the Mind: read, listen to lectures, listen to books,

2. Remember the Gospel: preach the gospel to myself everyday

3. Redeem the time: produce more than consume

4. Resource the nations: participate in making all things new through solidarity and generosity

5. Relationships come first: God, family, church, people

“A Rule of 5 is more than a to-do list. It is the 5 things that are ingrained in daily life. Achieving them daily leads to success in purpose and vision. It keeps you focused. It is essentially the essence of a strategic plan.” (John C. Maxwell)

What would be on your list?

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